The future of lithium

Tecpetrol steps up its bet on lithium for the energy transition

With demand surging for electric cars, more lithium will be needed for batteries. This is encouraging more companies to acquire acreage, including Tecpetrol. Exploration must be widened to boost production.

Hot rocks

Geothermal energy is not new, but it's gaining in the race to net-zero

As the world shifts to a sustainable future, Tenaris, with more than 30 years of experience working in this area, supports customers with design and on-site running support of specific products.

The rise of critical metals

Metals are playing a key role in decarbonization – and they can be produced cleaner

Marco Corbella, vice president of Tenova Metals, says technology will help make metals production more sustainable, including by improving plant efficiency and recycling used metals, to help fuel the energy transition.

International markets

CBAM: The outlook and challenges for the steel market

Just over a month after the entry of the European Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (EU-CBAM) into force, there are still significant uncertainties regarding the effective implementation of its methodology. The initiative has also come in for criticism due to its potential to infringe on the principles of non-discrimination and most favored nation treatment upheld by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Space technologies

Lunar oxygen is not a moonshot, nor is net-zero steel

Helios set out a few years ago to tackle a big challenge for space travel: the high cost of supplying oxygen for astronauts and for use in rocket propulsion systems. The solution was to separate oxygen from materials on the Moon. In testing the technology, they happened upon a discovery that could speed up the transition to net-zero emissions on Earth.