Spearheading energy transition

A new steel mill to further reduce CO2 emissions

Ternium's state-of-the-art steel mill in Pesquería, Mexico, marks the latest ambitious investment plan on its decarbonization roadmap, aiming to produce the lowest Carbon Intensive Steel for the Automotive industry.

A noteworthy partnership

HIF Global & Techint E&C: Pioneering E-Fuels in Chile

The leading e-fuels company has selected Techint E&C to develop the engineering for its first large-scale e-fuels plant in Chile. The project marks a significant milestone for both companies and consolidates the country's position at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions.

Hard-to-abate emissions

The race to net-zero emissions will take time, but the technology is emerging

Tenova is finding more ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the production of metals. Hydrogen use is a promising one but also a challenging way requiring flexible technologies to enable the steel production process to effectively respond, during the energy transition, to the expected gradual increase in hydrogen availability, says Enrico Malfa, Director of Research and Development at Tenova.

Hotter Horizons

Harnessing Geothermal Energy for a Sustainable Future

Technological breakthroughs are making it possible to scale geothermal from an old yet minor energy source into the cheapest solution for providing electricity around the clock, according to a paper by TechEnergy Ventures.

Green energy supply

Turning to the sun to generate electricity

Tenaris is building a 20 MW solar park to supply a steel mill in Romania, the latest effort to make its operations more sustainable.