Discover how a wind farm is built

Find out more about this key project in our efforts to achieve the energy transition.

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TenovaLAB: making future leaps forward

This innovative testing facility for developing highly efficient and low-emission combustion systems features four versatile furnaces that reproduce reheating and heat treatment furnace operating conditions—integrated with Industry 4.0 concepts and automation to reduce emissions significantly.

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Wind Power


Favorable tailwinds

A conversation with Xavier Ramírez, Business Development Director, about the role played by wind power in the energy transition.

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A global and regional forecast to 2050


DNV, a Norway-based independent expert in assurance and risk management, has released its annual Energy Transition Outlook. A plunge in renewable costs, a rise in carbon prices, and a steady shift to electrification will continue to drive the transition, according to the report. A lot must be done to reach net zero, however. Carbon emissions are still at record levels. They must fall by 8% per year to achieve net zero by 2050. This is an opportunity for new and existing players in energy to invest in green hydrogen, rewilding, and carbon capture and removal. If the world is to hold global warming to relatively safe levels, then global cooperation, billions of dollars, and big changes are needed urgently because the window to act is closing.

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