Wind Power


Favorable tailwinds

A conversation with Xavier Ramírez, Business Development Director, about the role played by wind power in the energy transition.

Energy Transition


“The most important challenge in history”

How to reduce emissions and take care of the planet: this crucial energy transition goal is the main topic of this conversation with Marco Tivelli, Chief Technology Officer of Tecpetrol.

Tenova HyL


The extraordinary road taken by green steel

In the Energy Transition podcast, Tenova HyL CEO Stefano Maggiolino reveals the secrets underlying the technology that’s a "surefire solution".

TechEnergy Ventures


“We need new technologies to be developed so that we can reach net zero”

Having started down this path over a year ago, Alejandro Solé, Director of the Tecpetrol Investment Fund, is uniquely placed to tell us all about the future of energy, investment plans and possibilities, and the creativity and ingenuity of his team’s approach to finding solutions.



“Who’s going to bury the CO2 if it doesn’t make business sense?”

Hernán Milberg and Josefina d'Hiriart review current industry options for carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) as a way of reducing emissions, and finish off with an analysis of Argentina’s prospects in this context.

Natural Gas


Riding the green tsunami

Marcelo Martínez Mosquera talks about the advantages and challenges of natural gas in the energy transition.



“Green hydrogen is the buzzword of the moment."

Martín Scalabrini Ortiz and Francisco Grosse take an in-depth look at what the present and future hold for hydrogen.

Renewable Energy


"Renewables are the basis for decarbonization and will be the mainstay of progress in this area for the next twenty years."

Xavier Ramírez Veliz talks about the main benefits brought by renewable energy—as well as the challenges involved: where does renewable energy come from, what are its development possibilities and potential for sustainability.