Seizing the moment

Andrea Rocca: Achievements and challenges ahead for the Energy Transition Unit

Head of Tecpetrol’s Energy Transition division, he shares the progress the team has made in helping to decarbonize the Techint Group industrial activities and the many opportunities and challenges he foresees for the next steps.

Wind power

Tenaris: Investing in a clean and renewable source

The company has developed its first wind farm in Argentina, and Techint E&C is building it to supply 50% of the electricity demand at Tenaris’ Industrial Center in Campana. Four wind turbine generators have already been installed. Ternium will also invest to build another wind farm to source electricity for its Argentine operations.

Carbon capture & storage

Capturing carbon may play a relevant role in the energy transition

TechEnergy Ventures has invested in Svante, a start-up that has developed technology to make it more efficient to capture carbon in hard-to-abate industries. The growth potential is immense at a time when the world is seeking to cut emissions.

Green ammonia

Engineering studies for new carbon-free alternatives

Techint E&C's Milan engineering team is working on a study for the Italian energy company Enel to use green ammonia at their facilities.

Metals industry

Tenova hosted its first summit for sustainable heating technologies

The event explored the latest trends in energy transition solutions in hot rolling and heat treatment furnaces, and marked the launch of the TenovaLAB for testing low-emission combustion systems.


A global and regional forecast to 2050

DNV, a Norway-based independent expert in assurance and risk management, has released its annual Energy Transition Outlook. A plunge in renewable costs, a rise in carbon prices, and a steady shift to electrification will continue to drive the transition, according to the report. A lot must be done to reach net zero, however. Carbon emissions are still at record levels. They must fall by 8% per year to achieve net zero by 2050. This is an opportunity for new and existing players in energy to invest in green hydrogen, rewilding, and carbon capture and removal. If the world is to hold global warming to relatively safe levels, then global cooperation, billions of dollars, and big changes are needed urgently because the window to act is closing.